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A couple of weekends ago, we discovered a little gem not too far from where we live, that we’ve always known about but never visited before.

The Catalyst Museum in Widnes describes itself as “an interactive science centre and museum devoted to chemistry and how the products of chemistry are used in every day life.” If I’m honest, I’ve always thought it sounded a) a bit boring and b) the kind of place much older children might go on a school trip.

We went because we were short on inspiration for a day out, and hubby had heard somebody on the radio talking about how it was really good, and it was “always empty” (a huge winner in hubby’s book as he hates crowded places!)

So off we went. And we were very pleasantly surprised. It was very empty. There were probably another six visitors there the whole duration of our visit. And with six members of staff standing around the reception desk, we did wonder how on earth the place is still open… but that’s another thing…

The ground floor of the museum is full of hands-on fun science experiments that the kids can do – and they have something for all ages, from crawling upwards. Me and Tony enjoyed having a go at lots of them! Favourites were shining lights onto planes with solar panels to make them fly, creating big bubbles in a tube of liquid, and putting Lilly’s cuddly cat under a microscope!

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It reminded me of somewhere like Underwater Street in Liverpool – which is like soft play without the soft – imaginative play but this time with science thrown in for good measure.

You then go upstairs in a glass lift to an observatory which gives you fantastic views out across the Runcorn Bridge and the River Mersey. Since we’ve recently been reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator with Lilly that was an extra thrill!


Outside there is a great playground which the girls all really enjoyed (the experience only slightly spoiled by some pretty rough big kids hanging about with some choice language being exchanged at times).


But overall a great little find, I’m sure we’ll be back again – and highly recommended to other people with younger kids in the area.



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