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I’m a huge Coronation Street fan. Luckily, hubby is too. We used to watch all the soaps, before we had kids, but we came to find Eastenders ridiculously depressing and unrealistic, and Emmerdale just a bit dull.

But Coronation Street is just great. We especially like the humour, even in the darkest moments. Because I think that’s what life is really like – even at your worst moments, there’ll be something funny, something that happens or that¬†somebody says, which lightens the mood somehow.

Anyway, you can imagine our excitement at the prospect of going on the tour of the former Corrie set, at Granada Studios in Manchester. Filming has now switched to Media City, and for the next few months, you can take a tour of the old set and see inside the studios at some of the internal sets, peek around the dressing rooms and find out some of the filming secrets.

Better still, the inlaws minded the girls while we went on our Coronation Street tour alone – JUST THE TWO OF US! Which was exciting enough in itself!

Both of us have separate memories of going on the Granada Studios Tour when we were kids – they don’t do it anymore but we both remember it has being the BEST DAY OUT EVER, and it included a stroll along the street and the opportunity (for Grown Ups Only) to go into the Rovers for a pint… us kids had to wait outside (not fair!)

It was exciting from the moment we arrived and had a sneak preview of the famous street through a gap in the fence. Then we enjoyed some Coronation Street branded coffees (that pleased me a lot!) before it was our turn for the tour.

Corrie tour outside 26.4.14

We started out in the Green Room, having a good nose in the pigeon holes of the cast members (noting that some of them had earned brass plates with their names on, Like Bill Roach, and others were just stuck on pieces of paper!), then a tour through the dressing rooms and into wardrobe. I was busy admiring Carla Connor’s wedding dress – Hayley didn’t really make it (shock!) – and they told us they usually have four of every wedding dress¬†(to allow for the inevitable tearing / staining which takes place when the wedding day maybe doesn’t go as planned!)

Then after watching a fantastic video of comedy highlights from down the years (which, as a bit of a geeky fan, I would LOVE to watch again), we went through and looked at some of the sets, including Carla Connor’s flat, The Platt’s, Underworld, and of course The Rovers Return. Finally, we were in! Unfortunately, there were no real pints on sale this time. But we did get our photo taken behind the bar!

After the tour it was out onto the street, and you could explore as long as you liked. Highlights for us were going down the ginnel and into the smoking shed outside the Rovers, sitting on Maxine’s bench, and the famous cladding on the Duckworth’s house. Oh, and of course, outside the Rover’s Return.

Corrie tour me on the cobbles 26.4.14 Corrie tour Maxine's bench 26.4.14 Corrie tour me outside Roy's Rolls 26.4.14-001 Corrie tour Streetcars 2 26.4.14 Corrie tour me outside Rovers 26.4.14

All in all we had a great day – and I believe the tours run until October, so if you get the chance, and you’re remotely interested in Coronation Street, you really, really should go!


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