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So far, I am lucky that my two little girls have a very good relationship – Lilly absolutely loves her little sister and it is becoming clear the feeling is mutual – Isla always has a smile for Lilly and Lilly is more likely to get Isla giggling than any other person.

Jealously has never been a problem for Lilly – even when she has sometimes felt that she wasn’t getting all the attention she wanted, she has never taken that out on her sister.

So, when I saw that this week’s gallery theme was togetherness, my immediate thought was to publish one of the many pictures I have of my two girls cuddling together.

Granted, Isla sometimes doesn’t have much say in the cuddling, which has led to a few classic shots like this one:

… When Isla is perhaps a little bit fed up of all the attention. But then there will also be plenty of moments like these:

And perhaps my favourite picture of the two girls together, which was genuinely not staged…

Lilly watches as Isla sleeps

My greatest hope is that my girls will be best friends, forever. xx


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One of my goals for 2011 is to get better at taking photographs. And so, to encourage me to do this, I’ve decided to take part in The Gallery whenever I can as a bit of inspiration for some interesting snaps.

This is my first time entering, and the theme this week is Body Parts.

I am slightly cheating (already) as I already took this picture a few weeks back. But, seriously, what could be nicer than a cute little baby foot?

Funnily enough, when we went for a 3d scan while I was pregnant with Isla one of the pictures we got was quite clearly of a MASSIVE great big foot, and we laughed about our Baby Bigfoot. When she was born she (thankfully) didn’t have hugely oversized feet, but she did have really long fingers and toes. We had lots of comments about her having “piano players fingers”. Maybe we’ve got used to them now but I think they look normal sized now… perhaps the rest of her feet and hands have just caught up!

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