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Four weeks in and Isla seems to be settling into her new life as a schoolgirl.

We were worried about how she’d settle, because of her track record at Pre-School of getting upset when we left her, and there has been a certain amount of tears at the classroom door, but maybe not as many as we feared.

It is clear that she is enjoying school, and that she loves her teacher (so funny but when she was playing with Eve the other day, she was telling her that her shoes were very “phonics-y” and I noticed she’d really picked up her teacher’s accent!).

It hasn’t been without drama though! On her first full day after the two week settling in period, and her first time in the playground with all the ‘big’ children, a little boy ran straight into her, sending her flying and leaving her with a very nasty looking black eye!


It meant I got the dreaded call from school that lunchtime: “Nothing to worry about…but… technically it’s a head injury, so if you want to take her home, you can…”

I decided not to, because she’d been doing so well settling into school, and I was worried that, if we came and took her home, it would plant the seed that mummy & daddy coming to pick you up if you aren’t having a good time is a possibility. Plus I really didn’t want to make her feel that the accident was something more significant than it was and turn it into a big issue in her mind.

So I asked school to let me know how she was in an hour. It was a dreadful hour and I couldn’t concentrate on a thing at work, worrying if I’d done the right thing. And how much would all this set her back – would she be frightened of other children in the playground, would she not want to go ? And what about Lilly? Did she see what happened? Was she worried about Isla?

Luckily, when they called back they said she’d had a nice afternoon in the nature garden, and wasn’t bothered by her injury now at all. Phew.

In fact, when I picked her up, although her face certainly looked ‘interesting’, she was positive overall about her day, even excited about getting to play in the playground with Lilly, and didn’t really seem to think that the incident was that important a part of the day anyway – as you can see she was more than willing to pose with big smiles while I took a picture of her poor face! Turned out Lilly had been with her when it happened, and afterwards had sat with Isla in the playground and looked after her. By the end of playtime, Isla had been fine.

The other slight concern we’ve had is about whether she’s making friends. She’s told us she isn’t going to make friends with any boys, because she doesn’t like boys. So that’s one half of the class ruled out! And then as soon as she was able to play in the playground she only wanted to play with Lilly, not her own class friends.

And then, one night, Lilly said: “There’s been a bit of a problem at school. Isla’s been crying at the end of playtime.”

We had a chat with her about it and from what I can get from Lilly, she has been better lately. Lilly told me: “When it’s the end of playtime, I tell her that it’s nearly home time – even though it isn’t – and she believes me, so she just waves to me and says ‘see you soon'”

As always, Lilly has been a superstar big sister!!!

In the last week Isla has been talking more about some of the friends she’s made in school, and I think on occasion she has been playing with them, rather than just Lilly, in the playground. Yesterday (Saturday) she was talking about one schoolfriend and saying: “I miss her soooo much”, so that at least indicates she has made some friends, despite telling us a few weeks ago she didn’t want to make any friends, only Lilly!

So that’s the first month done, and in fairness I think it’s gone as well as we would have hoped. It really helps that her teacher is fantastic, and Isla is very enthusiastic to learn from her.

Only another 14 years to go…!!!


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This is what happens when I suggest to her big sisters that we get out “a few” baby toys for Eve to look at….

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Lilly (after the usual morning of getting told off for snatching, pushing or jumping in front of her baby sister): “I really LOVE Isla.”

Daddy: “That’s lovely to hear!”

Lilly: “And I am going to play nicely with her all the time and share my toys with her.”

Daddy: “That’s great!”

(Less than a minute passes. We turn our backs for a second. Isla starts screaming…)

Daddy: “Lilly, did you just knock Isla over?”

Lilly: “I didn’t mean to”

Daddy: I thought you were going to play nicely with Isla and not knock her over anymore?”

Lilly: “Yes, I was. But she was in my way.”

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