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I’ve been really disappointed with this summer, because when I visualised life with a new baby and Lilly too I thought of spending days in the park and in the garden, playing in the paddling pool and getting loads of fresh air.

It hasn’t really worked out like that, has it?

Ok, it’s not been the worst summer but it hasn’t really been the best. And, as a family we can be pretty indecisive about where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do with our days, so when you add uncertainty about what the weather is going to do, we often end up not doing much at all!

The weather did not put us off trying out our new double buggy!


But last weekend we decided to laugh in the face of the rainy weather forecast and go for a walk around the Albert Dock in Liverpool with the girls – one of our favourite places to go. Often if it is raining we take shelter in the Maritime Museum, but this time we decided we wanted some fresh air, rain or shine.

When we first arrived, the weather looked ok. But the wind was blowing quite ferociously, especially as we were down by the river. We had decided to try out our new double buggy (purchased with our future holiday to Center Parcs in mind). It started off really well, with Lilly keen to get in the buggy to sit next to Isla… and to sit under the “tent” (raincover) which we decided to use to keep the wind off Isla’s face.
Soon though, Lilly was bored of being captive in her buggy, and wanted to walk. As we started to walk along the waterfront, the rain began. It was coming down in short showers, but when it rained, it rained, and we got drenched!! But we had the whole stretch to ourselves, even on a Saturday in August and it was great fun just running along in the wind and rain with Lilly absolutely loving the experience!

The lifeboat was out as the Mersey was so choppy


The wind was also making the Mersey really choppy and at certain points along the way the water was even splashing up over the path – cue loads of squeals of delight from Lilly as we jumped to avoid them!

We walked all the way to the ferry terminal where Lilly spent some time kissing and hugging the Beatles penguins (!) and managed to use the big toilet (twice).
The double buggy had to be called into action again when Lilly got a little tired and threw an impressive tantrum – poor Isla’s face as a screaming toddler was strapped into the seat next to her against her will was a picture!
All in all we had such a lovely family day and I hope it has taught us that we really aren’t made of cardboard. Next time we fancy a day out, perhaps we should ignore the weatherman, take our waterproofs and just see what happens!

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Yesterday, during my mum’s weekly visit, we decided (in a fit of madness) to go to Ikea with baby and toddler.

We’re lucky that we have an Ikea in Warrington, a short drive from our house, and it’s always been a great rainy day option with Lilly – from when she was a baby to more recently before Isla was born.

But, BLIMEY. Now she is a fully blown little person with boundless energy, it was an exhausting experience!

The fun began right from the outset, as there is a little playground outside the shop which (not very) helpfully seemed to get Lilly hyped up and extremely excited about the shopping trip ahead.

Once inside it was just one treat after another – first the escalator adventure and once upstairs the chance to run around hundreds of “pretend” living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens – climbing on chairs, rearranging plates & cutlery, banging on pretend keyboards at pretend desks, rolling on beds, bouncing on sofas, looking in mirrors, touching fluffy rugs and throws, drawing with the little pencils and shopping lists they provide… and that was all before we arrived at the children’s section!

On arrival my mum (wisely) nominated herself to be in charge of Isla. At 4 weeks old, she wasn’t much of a challenge, and basically slept the entire time, allowing my mum to have a leisurely browse while I had the legs run off me trying to stop Lilly from lurching from one near disaster / accident to another.

And then came the next challenge… those immortal words: “I need a wee-wee”. Ok, right. Don’t panic! Find the toilets! Take the toddler seat! Let’s go quick… COME ON! RUN!!”

We made it to the ladies and Lilly managed to use the big toilet with the help of her seat, although the bribery I’ve been using of late has obviously been noted and as we were dashing to the toilet, Lilly was saying: “I go to the big toilet, and then I get Magic Stars, don’t I mummy?”

Anyway, that drama over with, we had to track down my mum and other child. Not easy. We’d parted rather hastily, agreeing to meet up again “in the marketplace”. Yes, good plan. The marketplace is HUGE and spread over two floors. We couldn’t find them and to make matters worse there is little or no mobile phone reception in there. We hunted them down for a good 20 minutes, during which time we were tantilisingly close to the restaurant, and it was dangerously close to Lilly’s tea time. “I’m hungry mummy” she kept saying. “I can smell dinners”.

Eventually, we were reunited. Meatballs were purchased for Madame. Cakes and coffees were purchased for Mummy and Grannie… well earnt I think! Best of all, being the proud owner of an Ikea Family Card (whatever that is) meant my refillable coffee was free, and Lilly’s meal was only 50p – and came with a free orange! Not to be sniffed at, and made the rather stressful day’s events seem a little less traumatic.

Before we left, Grannie treated us all to ice cream cones – 35p each! And Lilly said: “This is the best ice cream EVER!

So then. Ikea. Toddlers love it. As days out go, it’s cheap. But don’t expect you’ll get a chance to actually look at anything. And you WILL need wine once you get home and they’ve gone to bed!

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