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I noticed today that Peppa Pig was trending on Twitter. I was curious, so I clicked and discovered what everyone was tweeting about – this article in the Daily Mail about parents claiming that Peppa Pig is a bad influence on toddlers.

We are big Peppa fans in our house. The first episode I ever saw was when Lilly was a baby. It was the one where they go on a picnic & Daddy Pig is scared by a wasp. It made me laugh & reminded me of our family… Not only because Hubby does tend to overreact at insects, but also because Peppa’s family are a nice, normal bunch, doing nice, normal, family type things. There is humour in basic everyday situations without the use of magic or anything complicated or scary to young kids. And I think Peppa Pig is something that reflects normal families and that children identify with.

Apparently though, the programme is really much more sinister. Did you know that Peppa Pig was the first one to give toddlers the ideas to:

  • Splash in muddy puddles, rather than walk carefully round them, being sure not to get their nice shoes dirty
  • Learn to say (and use) the word “No”
  • Sometimes be cheeky & perhaps even not do what their parents ask them to do straight away & without complaint

And, most shockingly:

  • Prefer chocolate cake to lettuce & cucumber!!!

My two girls are big Peppa fans, so imagine my guilt as I now realise I have let this evil, one dimensional, pink MONSTER get into their very souls & corrupt them, right there in my living room!!!!

God knows what would happen if children grew up watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry. I can only imagine the number of parents whose offspring would immediately leap up from the sofa & start hitting each with saucepans or using sticks of dynamite to blow up their parents. It’d be chaos!!

And what about Norman from Fireman Sam? If that kid doesn’t have an ASBO by the time he’s 15 I’ll be GOBSMACKED.

I must admit, however, that in the past a couple of real life mums have said to me that they think Peppa Pig is “spoilt”. But I don’t agree. I think she’s just lucky enough to come from a stable, happy family, and she’s loved. And anyway, look at the evidence, all she wanted for Christmas was a yoyo! And for her birthday she got one poxy piece of clothing – for her teddy!

In my opinion, if you want spoilt pigs, look no further than the ghastly Olivia, who has to always be the best & get all the attention, and her mum & dad find her oh-so adorable for doing so. Or that incredibly irritating Angelina Ballerina. Both a big pair of brats, if you ask me.

There are many more things on the TV that I prefer my little ones not to watch. Scooby Doo, for example, which has given my 4-year-old way too many nightmares and consequently given us way too many broken nights (cheers a bunch for letting all the kids watch it, nursery).

So, lay off the Pig, you crazy, hysterical people!



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Yesterday we enjoyed a sunny trip to see my mum at Southport, which included a stroll up the pier and a play on the old penny arcade at the end.

The arcade has lots of old ‘penny in the slot’ machines, which take old pennies, and Lilly’s absolute favourite is the Sooty and Sweep Band – you put your penny in and Sooty, Sweep and Sue play their instruments and sing a different nursery rhyme each time.

A year ago it was her favourite and she listened to about five songs, fascinated at first and then eventually dancing along. It was exactly the same story yesterday, even with 12 extra months maturity under her belt!

It got me thinking about Sooty and Sweep – as far as I know they don’t show it on TV anymore, and I had a thought about getting a DVD to show Lilly what the characters were all about. When my sister was little (she is 8 years younger than me) Sooty and Sweep was her favourite and I remember us going to see the Sooty and Sweep show live a few times (it was great!)

But then again, would Sooty and Sweep seem outdated to Lilly alongside Rastamouse and Peppa Pig?

Some of Lilly’s favourite TV programmes and characters are ones that were around when I was little – Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam – but she doesn’t like watching the “old” versions – you know, the ones with the actual models whose mouths dont move – she refuses to watch these old episodes and only likes the computer generated super flashy versions – and who can really blame her?

So then I got thinking about the children’s programmes Lilly and Isla’s children will watch. Will they still be enjoying Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam? And which of today’s CBeebies programmes will become classics that Lilly and Isla will watch with their children? And how will they be modernised to attract a new generation?

Tony thinks Peppa Pig will be an enduring classic. But how will it change? Peppa in 3D? Smellyvision? Peppa flies a spaceship?

How about the others? Waybuloo – that would work well in 3D! But I think, like Teletubbies, it will have its day and then fade.

Maybe by the time my grandchildren are grown up, they will have brought back Sooty and Sweep…

What do you reckon?

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