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I’m not generally a neurotic mum, but I am worried, I think.

With two children in nursery I already know only too well how illnesses spread and how delicate developing immune systems are.

I suppose the news about the three year old girl who died of swine flu with no underlying symptoms has scared me. And even hearing about some of my online friends, like The Moiderer and her little girl, who had what they suspected to be swine flu, and were really quite poorly, for a long time. Of course its a mother’s instinct to want to protect their children from┬ásomething like that, if they possibly can. I had the swine flu jab when I was pregnant, but I suppose Isla’s immunity will have worn off now that she is older than six months. And we talked about getting Lilly the swine flu jab before Isla was born, but we couldn’t decide, and now the government isn’t offering the vaccine to under 5s.

It is sort of ironic that, when they (the government) wanted us all to have the flu jab, lots of people didnt want it. Now we all want it, they say we can’t have it. Oh dear.

I haven’t actively tried to research getting the vaccine privately. But from what I hear, pharmacists who are offering it as a paid-for service aren’t allowing under 16s to have the jab.

So, what about you? Are you worried? If you could, would you get your child immunised? Would you be prepared to pay? Or do you think the Government should be allowing all under 5s to have the jab free?


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