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We were out at the shops and Lilly had brought her cuddly toy cat, and was dragging him behind her by the ribbon tied around his neck.

Daddy: “Don’t drag that cat along the ground Lilly, he’s getting dirty paws”
L: “He’s not!”
Me: “He is Lil, he’s going to be filthy”
L: “Oh, don’t you start”


L (Waving her fairy wand): “I’m a fairy, I’m doing wishes! What’s your wish Isla?
Isla (considering): “Errrrrr…. BICCIE!”

Later, talking about dreams:
L: “What did you dream about last night Isla?”
I: “Errrrr… BICCIE!”


We are in the car & Eve is wailing.
I (clutching her ears):”Too loud! Too loud!”


Lilly in complimentary mode:

“Mummy, I love you. You are the BEST mummy I have EVER had!”


“Mmmm, this toast is absolutely nice”


Lilly, talking about dinosaurs:

“Mum, do you remember when there was no people and no dinosaurs? I mean, there was dinosaurs and then there was no dinosaurs, and then there was just people? And, do you know?! There wasn’t televisions like our televisions. The televisions then were black and white!! Can you believe it??”


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Obviously, we have done a lot of talking with Lilly about Father Christmas lately. One of the things we’ve explained is that, because we don’t have a chimney, he is going to come through our front door, because he has a magic skeleton key to our house.

A few days later Lilly said:

“Santa gets in with a Halloweeny key, doesn’t he?”


As you know we recently took part in Operation Christmas Child, where we packed a shoebox full of toys “for a little girl in Africa who hasn’t got many toys”. This is all great stuff and teaching Lilly to be very charitable, appreciating how lucky we are in this country to have all the things we take for granted. However, it does somewhat fly in the face of the whole Santa thing… something Lilly picked me up on while we were driving the other day:

L: “Father Christmas doesn’t go to Africa does he?”

Me: “Errrr…”

L: “Because we had to send presents to the little girl because she wasn’t getting any.”

Me: “Errrrr…”

L: “I think Africa is a bit far away for Father Christmas, and the reindeer don’t know the way.”

Me: “Erm… maybe” *panics*


Another day we were talking about the new baby in mummy’s tummy.

Lilly said: “I wonder if Isla is going to have babies when she grows up? Because I’m not.”

Me – “Why aren’t you going to?”

Lilly: “Because I don’t want to”

Me – “Why?”

Lilly – “Because I don’t want that jelly on my tummy. I dont like jelly!!”


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Lilly (after the usual morning of getting told off for snatching, pushing or jumping in front of her baby sister): “I really LOVE Isla.”

Daddy: “That’s lovely to hear!”

Lilly: “And I am going to play nicely with her all the time and share my toys with her.”

Daddy: “That’s great!”

(Less than a minute passes. We turn our backs for a second. Isla starts screaming…)

Daddy: “Lilly, did you just knock Isla over?”

Lilly: “I didn’t mean to”

Daddy: I thought you were going to play nicely with Isla and not knock her over anymore?”

Lilly: “Yes, I was. But she was in my way.”

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Driving home from nursery we were waiting in a queue. Lilly said: “Are we stuck in a traffic ham?”

When Isla wasn’t too well recently, I said: “I think Isla’s done another poo”, to which Lilly replied: “Has she? That’s a little bit of a problem, isn’t it mummy?”

We were talking about her friend from nursery:

L: Evie went to MacDonalds!

Me: Did she? When was that?

L: Erm, I don’t know.

Me: What is MacDonalds, Lilly?

L: Erm, I don’t know.

Me: Where is it?

L: I think it might be very far away

Me: What did Evie do at MacDonalds?

L: I think she looked at all the animals

She told me very excitedly that, at pre-school, they eat their dinner in the “school hole” (hall)

Cleaning our teeth one night, she said:

“I’m a girl, and you’re a girl”

Me – “That’s right”

L: “But Daniel (her friend at nursery) isn’t a girl. He’s a boy.”

Me – “Yes”

L: “Because, he’s not got much hair. But I still like him though.”

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We have the most amazing chats with Lilly now, she makes the funniest observations and always makes us smile – even when she’s waking us up at 3am (AGAIN)!

Today has been one of those days, we’ve had some really funny conversations. Here’s some of the highlights:

This morning, she was watching (yet another) episode of Same Smile (absolute favourite programme of the moment). There was a little boy making cakes with his daddy and it showed him spooning out icing to put on top of the cakes once they were baked.

Lilly turned to me and said: “I would like glue on cakes, wouldn’t I mummy?”

Driving home from nursery:

Me – “So, you’ve been a good girl today then?”

Lilly – “Yes, I’ve been a good girl. But sometimes I’m not good, I’m naughty.”

Me – “Oh? What naughty things to you do?”

Lilly – “I throw things all around.”

Me – “Why, what things did you throw all around?”

Lilly – “Er… I’ll tell you later, mummy”

Me – “Did you get told off?”

Lilly – “Er, I’ll tell you that later, too, mummy”

Then, at bedtime I got a little bit more of the story…

Lilly – “It’s very naughty to say NO to the other children, isn’t it mummy?”

Me – “Er, well it depends what you’re saying no to. Were you saying no to the children in nursery today Lilly?”

Lilly – “I’ll tell you later, mummy, after I’ve had a goooood night’s sleep.”

Also at bedtime tonight, after putting on her night time nappy (she’s potty trained in the day).

Lilly: “I’m doing a wee-wee in my nappy, mummy.”

Me – “Yes, that’s good, that’s what you do at night, isn’t it?”

Lilly: “I’m doing a wee-wee in my nappy, because, my nappy is very thirsty!”

Aside from the tantrums and the need for constant attention and the regular emotional breakdowns over not very much at all, two is just such a lovely age!

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While eating weetabix this morning:

“I eating bikkie squix!”

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