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Driving home from nursery we were waiting in a queue.┬áLilly said: “Are we stuck in a traffic ham?”

When Isla wasn’t too well recently, I said: “I think Isla’s done another poo”, to which Lilly replied: “Has she? That’s a little bit of a problem, isn’t it mummy?”

We were talking about her friend from nursery:

L: Evie went to MacDonalds!

Me: Did she? When was that?

L: Erm, I don’t know.

Me: What is MacDonalds, Lilly?

L: Erm, I don’t know.

Me: Where is it?

L: I think it might be very far away

Me: What did Evie do at MacDonalds?

L: I think she looked at all the animals

She told me very excitedly that, at pre-school, they eat their dinner in the “school hole” (hall)

Cleaning our teeth one night, she said:

“I’m a girl, and you’re a girl”

Me – “That’s right”

L: “But Daniel (her friend at nursery) isn’t a girl. He’s a boy.”

Me – “Yes”

L: “Because, he’s not got much hair. But I still like him though.”


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