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Me to Lilly: “It’s daddy’s birthday soon, what shall we get him?”

L: “We could get him a… Errr… Err….
I can’t really think of anything, all I can think of is girlie things, because I’m a girl…

(suddenly the verbal diahorrea kicks in)
“…All I can think of is a duck with a necklace!
And a pretty dress on!
And it’s cuddly!

… Or, an Easter Kangaroo!
That’s pink!
With an Easter egg!

But that’s not very man-y, is it?”


Hail stones were battering our widows one afternoon. Isla comes running to me:
“Muuuum! No like it! Worry, worry!”


Isla fell off her scooter in the garden and was crying. I ran over saying: “What happened Isla, what have you hurt??”. She struggled to reply through the tears but eventually wailed: “My hurt my scooter!!”


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We were out at the shops and Lilly had brought her cuddly toy cat, and was dragging him behind her by the ribbon tied around his neck.

Daddy: “Don’t drag that cat along the ground Lilly, he’s getting dirty paws”
L: “He’s not!”
Me: “He is Lil, he’s going to be filthy”
L: “Oh, don’t you start”


L (Waving her fairy wand): “I’m a fairy, I’m doing wishes! What’s your wish Isla?
Isla (considering): “Errrrrr…. BICCIE!”

Later, talking about dreams:
L: “What did you dream about last night Isla?”
I: “Errrrr… BICCIE!”


We are in the car & Eve is wailing.
I (clutching her ears):”Too loud! Too loud!”


Lilly in complimentary mode:

“Mummy, I love you. You are the BEST mummy I have EVER had!”


“Mmmm, this toast is absolutely nice”


Lilly, talking about dinosaurs:

“Mum, do you remember when there was no people and no dinosaurs? I mean, there was dinosaurs and then there was no dinosaurs, and then there was just people? And, do you know?! There wasn’t televisions like our televisions. The televisions then were black and white!! Can you believe it??”

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