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Heard the tale end of this story on BBC Breakfast this morning…

Apparently, there are calls for women who have epidurals or Caesarian sections during child birth to PAY for the privilege.

Well – I had both of those during Lilly’s birth and lets just say they weren’t exactly top of my wish list when I walked through the doors of the hospital that day.

C-sections are very expensive, in comparison to natural deliveries anyway – i think they cost the NHS around £3,500.

It was the last thing i wanted to spend money on – it was the last way i wanted to deliver my baby.

I also had three failed epidural top ups prior to the surgery, and subsequently ended up with a general anaesthetic.

Then there was three nights bed and board. Three square meals a day. 24 hour midwife on call to pass me the baby everytime she cried because I couldn’t even lift her.

Blimey, i’ve cost the NHS a fortune, haven’t I? So sorry everyone!


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