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A few weekends ago, we took the girls to Formby beach to see Antony Gormley’s Iron Men, and to take a muddy walk on the beach with Lilly’s wellies.

We haven’t been to the beach for a while, and everytime we do go, we wonder why we don’t go more often. It was a lovely clear, sunny but cold autumn day, and Lilly had a whale of a time splashing in pools of seawater, and drawing pictures in the sand. We showed her how to collect pretty shells and even had a bag for her to put them in, but once she discovered she could make a satisfying ‘crunching’ sound by stomping on them in her wellies, collecting shells was well off the agenda!

Anyway, here are some pics I took of our adventures

And, if you’ll allow me to be a bit indulgent a minute, here are some pics I thought looked nice in black and white…


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This week we spent a day at the beach – with a difference!

Because the beach in question has sprung up in the middle of the shopping streets of Liverpool, as a special attraction for the summer holidays.

It was my mum who spotted this phenomena and suggested we take Lilly one day – but I have to confess, with the weather we’ve been having lately, I was more than a little cynical when she told me to bring “swimming things”.

But it turns out, she was right. Despite the rain lashing down on our journey into Liverpool, once we arrived at the mystical beach, the clouds parted and the sun came out, just like that.

It is quite an impressive sight. Golden sands, complete with deckchairs, and the “sea” is a generous sized paddling pool, great for little ones like Lilly because it’s not too deep. At the top of the sands is a beach bar, where you can buy ice creams, drinks and snacks.

Debenhams on Sea, Liverpool, August 2010

Best of all, it wasn’t even that busy, despite being the summer holidays, and despite the surprising appearance of the sun!
Well, Lilly loved it! We got straight down to the important business of sandcastle making and picnics on the deckchairs, before Lilly wanted to strip off and get into the “sea”. She played very happily for a long time, despite a few boys-trying-to-steal-Lilly’s-bucket-and-spade incidents (she had an iron grip, they had no chance), and despite Lilly-knocking-down-someone-else’s-sandcastle gate (Lilly was more upset than he was, she didn’t know it “belonged” to anyone and when the little boy shouted at her she was devastated!).

Lilly and I go paddling in the "sea"

Isla pretty much slept through the whole experience in her pram on the sand, but watching Lilly playing and interacting with the other children makes me so glad she isn’t an only child, and will soon have a little sister to join in her games.
So, if you’re in the area of Liverpool, or any of these other cities which have these urban beaches this summer, I’d definitely recommend you go along and spend a day at Debenham’s on sea!

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