A few weeks ago we decided to have a day trip to Llandudno, to see the sea and walk along the beach. We were going to drive along the Great Orme and, unusually for us, decided we’d stop for fish and chips rather than take a picnic.

Like all great plans, it didn’t quite work out as we imagined!

First we drove through Llandudno and couldn’t find anywhere to park! So ended up deciding to drive the Great Orme first. A spectacular view as always… and we thought we’d get those fish and chips in the café up at the top.

Great Orme all of us Great Orme girls

Unfortunately the café up at the top doesn’t sell fish and chips… so we set off again in search of a chip shop with three hungry little ones in the back (“I’m hunngryyy!”, “Are we at the beach yet?”, “I’m starrrrving!” etc)

It seemed to be more difficult than it should be by the seaside to find fish and chips… but maybe it was because it was Sunday. Anyways, we eventually found what we were looking for, but by that time we were in Rhos on Sea, where we sat and are our chips on a bench overlooking the sea. The tide was completely in but we walked along the prom afterwards and found a little inlet where there was a beach. The girls had lots of fun throwing stones and shells into the sea and a teeny bit of paddling (the water didn’t look all that clean to us!)

Beach Eve Beach all

Not quite the day we planned but everyone enjoyed themselves and it was good to get some sea air. I think we’ll be taking a picnic again on our next trip though!

Makes me really want to take the girls on a proper seaside holiday…




Why is it…

…that when I attempt to brush Eve’s hair all-out war ensues, and I find myself feeling like the losing participant in a WWE wrestling match?

But, when her big sister does her hair (sometimes pretty roughly), she’s as good as gold?

Hairdressing1 26.5.14

In fact, I think she finds it pretty relaxing…

Hairdressing 2 26.5.14



Back in the saddle…

My gosh. It’s been just over a year since I posted anything on here… but hey, life with three little daughters and a full time job doesn’t leave me with much free time at the moment. But I’m off work for two weeks with the girls while the inlaws are holiday – they are our key childcare providers, so while they enjoy a well-earned break touring round Canada, I’m playing at full-time mummy for a while!

It’s a tiring job! Especially the mechanics of the school run with Terrorist Toddler Eve, whose passion for mischief and capacity to do the opposite of what she should be doing still knows no bounds. So, if you had been a bystander last week around school drop off / kick out times you would likely have seen a very frazzled woman, no doubt dressed inappropriately for the changeable weather, trying to keep pace with a sprinting toddler, while urging a dawdling 6-year-old and trying to calm a hysterical 3-year-old who gets into a terrible panic if Eve runs ahead or Lilly lags behind…

Anyway… here we are at the tail end of a bank holiday Monday. Eve and Isla have been tucked up in bed early, Lilly is lying on the sofa next to me playing games on an old iPhone.

We’ve had a really full day today. First we visited the Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland. Random, I know, but it was the hubby’s idea, as he’s currently learning to drive a large goods vehicle and so has trucks on his mind a lot at the moment!

It was better than I expected (and much better than the one in St Helens, which is one of the worst ‘museums’ we’ve ever had the misfortune to visit!) To start with Eve was quite well behaved, she really enjoyed pressing buttons and looking at the mini tram set. Of course, eventually she went downhill and started pegging it all over the museum, causing Isla to react hysterically, chasing her and screeching at the same time… only making Eve sprint even faster, of course. Eventually it was time to make our excuses and leave, but not before the girls enjoyed sitting on an old fashioned fire engine and ringing the bell, sitting on the top deck of an old bus, and even squeezing into a red phone box (none of them had the foggiest what it was!) and pretending to make phone calls.

Commercial Vehicle Museum bus stop 26.5.14 Commercial Vehicle Museum fire engine 26.5.14 Commercial Vehicle Museum fire engine2 26.5.14 Commercial Vehicle Museum mini tram set 26.5.14 Commercial Vehicle Museum Eve is lollypop lady 26.5.14

So all in all, a partial success!

We then headed back to pick up the bike we’d ordered for Lilly yesterday at Halfords. We rang ahead and it wasn’t quite ready, so we braved an hour in a local beer garden, seeing as the sun was shining. There were a couple of incidents when the girls decided it was fun to do a lap of the little path around the bowling green – first Isla falling and scuffing her knees, then Eve deciding to go off course and try to run off to the back of the bowling green, causing me to sprint after her, not sure where she was headed! In between all that, the girls played nicely (Naughty Pirates is their current favourite made up game) and didn’t wander off too far.

Unscathed, we headed off to pick up The Bike. We decided to buy one for Lilly after she took it upon herself to teach herself to ride without stabilisers a few weeks ago. We tried to teach her last year, but she was having none of it. Then this year, typical Lilly, she decided to do it, and she just did it. Same as with all her major milestones – walking, reading, everything.

Anyway the bike she had was old and too small for her. So today we collected her new bike and took them all to a local park for a ride.

Isla had her ‘cupcake’ bike, we took the Scuttlebug for Eve. They absolutely loved it, riding round and round, up and down the bandstand, all over the place. Lilly was fantastic on her bike especially considering it is much bigger than the one she’s been practicing on. Eve was a little bit big for the Scuttlebug, but she gave it her best shot (before she decided to resume her favourite hobby of randomly sprinting off towards a road or other danger, causing mummy and daddy to have to chase and tackle her to the ground!)

Bike 26.5.14 Bike 26.5.14 2 Bike 26.5.14 3

By the time we got home, me and hubs were shattered – as usual!

But luckily so were they and we got away with putting Eve and Isla to bed pretty early (sneaky mummy and daddy!)

Anyway, that’s bit of what we’ve been up to, hopefully I’ll be back with more before another year goes by!


Something’s missing…

At the ripe old age of five years and five days, this happened:

Gappy mouth2 5.1.13

How did we get to tooth fairy visits already?!?!?!

More funny things they say

Me to Lilly: “It’s daddy’s birthday soon, what shall we get him?”

L: “We could get him a… Errr… Err….
I can’t really think of anything, all I can think of is girlie things, because I’m a girl…

(suddenly the verbal diahorrea kicks in)
“…All I can think of is a duck with a necklace!
And a pretty dress on!
And it’s cuddly!

… Or, an Easter Kangaroo!
That’s pink!
With an Easter egg!

But that’s not very man-y, is it?”


Hail stones were battering our widows one afternoon. Isla comes running to me:
“Muuuum! No like it! Worry, worry!”


Isla fell off her scooter in the garden and was crying. I ran over saying: “What happened Isla, what have you hurt??”. She struggled to reply through the tears but eventually wailed: “My hurt my scooter!!”

Back to the Night Garden

Last weekend, we made a happy return to see our friends the Tombliboos, Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle.And we rode on the Ninky Nonk for one more time…

Yep, you guessed it, we went to see In the Night Garden Live, when it returned to our neck of the woods (Manchester, to be precise). And no, this is not a sponsored post – I paid £15 per head out of my very own hard earned money…

Lilly and I first went to the show when she was two and a half, in Liverpool. I thought even then that she was getting a little bit big for the TV programme, but she absolutely adored watching it live and genuinely still remembers it and talks about it quite often even now. Isla missed out that first time because she was only about six weeks old (although I had actually bought her a ticket – a touch ambitious, I realised as soon as she was born!)

Anyway after a slightly stressful journey whereby we went the wrong direction on the motorway and then couldn’t find our way around the Trafford Centre’s network of different car parks to find the illusive one that we needed we arrived just as the show was starting and dashed to our seats as the opening music began.

I was a little bit nervous about how Isla would react to the whole thing – having never been to a show of this kind before, and the fact that she can sometimes get so sensitive about things, it could have been an unmitigated disaster.

But thankfully, she loved it!

We went right to the back so it didn’t matter if the girls wanted to stand up and dance along as they weren’t blocking anyone’s view. And Isla loved listening to all the familiar songs and waving to the characters on stage. Her absolute favourite was Upsy Daisy, and she got really quite excited whenever she came on stage.

The highlight was the part where the characters all dance under the magical gazebo – always Isla’s favourite part in the programme. And we were showered with paper flowers at that point too.

All in all it was another lovely experience – and Lilly – who by now is DEFINITELY too big for the Night Garden, loved every second of it yet again.

So, another thumbs up to the Night Garden Live – and I wonder if I will be blogging about it for a third time in two years from now when Eve is big enough to go along?!


Well, this has been the weekend of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the world (well, the UK) has gone Union Jack crazy!

Our local town is decked out in thousands of flags, but not only because of the Jubilee, but also because last week the Olympic Torch relay came through the town.

We spent an enjoyable afternoon “following the torch”, as did hundreds of people in our town – it was something hubby and I probably wouldn’t have bothered with if it wasn’t for the children, but as it turned out it was a really nice occasion with a lovely community atmosphere.

There aren’t many times in life when you leave the house to walk to something, and all the neighbours are pouring out of their houses doing the same thing. And when we got to the road down which the torch was going to travel, it was lined with people of all ages – from a local Guide group doing cheerleading to some elderly people sitting on fold out chairs waving their flags and wearing their Union Jack hats!

We had to wait a little while before anything happened and the children did start to get a little bit bored – but they had a flag each to wave (even Eve – although I may have borrowed hers to use myself!)

But soon the convoy of vehicles started to pass and then we got our first glimpse of the torch

And then we all waved and cheered as it passed

After all that excitement, we walked up to the local pub which was holding a fun day and Lilly had a little ride on the fairground before we came home.

All in all we really enjoyed the occasion, it was something a bit different to see and experience, and it is good that we’ll be able to tell the girls when they’re older – “you were there”.

As for the Diamond Jubilee, we have been a little busy with Tony’s birthday this weekend, but we did make a Union Jack cake and watch some of the boats on the Thames over the weekend on TV. Oh, and of course the Peppa Pig special!